Welcome! Let’s just start by answering a few questions. What is this? A Fingerboard company? An Art seller? Or is Loz just going crazy? Well… a little bit of everything. When this idea came to my mind, I knew I had to do something unique not only for the fingerboard world but also for the outsiders to show them what fingerboard represents to me.
After a period of 2 years of research and development, I came across what I think a Fingerboard brand should be. Every little detail was carefully thought out and made by myself, from the fingerboard itself to the cork packaging. A combination of good design with high performance sets this limited edition brand at a matchless position within the fingerboard market.
Here is a brief explanation of the two main focal points of the brand.

The Artist
Each batch is illustrated by an invited Artist. The Artist will make 3 graphics, 2 of them for sale and one for events. The Artist will change every two months. Each deck is branded with the initials of the Artist responsible for the illustration (for exp. Marta Azevedo = MA) followed by the number of the graphic (1 of 20). Since it is a limited edition brand, there are only 20 decks per graphic, each one of them has engraved the correspondent serial number.

The Deck
The middle ply’s are dyed with actual wine!! The graphics are hand-made and screen printed BEFORE going to the mold (making the sanding process more of a precise challenge). Every deck is laser cut for a consistent shape. With an estimated 45 minutes of attention and finishing touches to getting such perfectly round edges.


The Logo Series

For some time I’ve been thinking about turning the brand into something that everyone can have instead of just being a limited edition brand. Since I have take the decision to make this my full time job, now i can make more decks and taking better care of the brand.

The main idea was to make a simple centered logo with a mix of colors used until the present day, using the same process of screen-printing. Other difference is the top-ply, made of walnut, giving it a more exotic look.